Zombie Gold Rush Miner

Zombie Gold Rush Miner Mobile game coming soon to iPhone and iPad. Discover the secret underground world of San Francisco gold mining.

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San Francisco, California was the heart of the original Gold Rush back in the 1840’s and 1850’s and over 160 years later it is now the heart of the app world. These two events are closely linked. Most people don’t realize that currently, under the city of San Francisco, there are gold miners that mine gold used to make the great apps we all use everyday. It’s a very secret underground world that not many people have been able to see until now. Join this underground world of gold mining in the game: Zombie Gold Rush Miner.

In the game you will help miner Steve mine the gold to make great apps. After you complete each level you will be given a chance to download the app that was made from the gold that you helped Steve mine. You will swipe and tap to help guide Steve through the mines, over platforms and up and down ladders. You will have to find Steve’s gold pick axe and mine all the gold from the platforms so the gold falls into the mine carts at the bottom of the screen. Of course this is not an easy task because also living in these mines are zombies and giant spiders that do not like Steve mining the gold from their home. They chase Steve around the mines but luckly these zombies and spiders do not like light so it only takes one flick from Steve’s trusty light helmet to stun them long enough for Steve to run away. This is a very challenging action packed adventure puzzle game based on classic game play. Challenge your friends in the two player mode. See where you rank with Game Center integration. Buy more lives and helmet light flashes in the game store. Share your high score on facebook/ twitter and through email. This game is just the beginning with many more levels and game updates to follow. Give it a try! You will be glad you did. Let us know what you think and give us suggestions on what to add to the game.